When buying dog crates, you will have to look into many aspects to make the crate most suitable for your dogs. If you have plans of keeping more than one pet dog, it is suggested that you go for crates that can accommodate both small and large dog breeds comfortably. On the other hand, you will have to look for quality crates with sturdy metal frame that your little monsters would hardly try to bite to escape. If the cages use a flimsy metal frame, there are chances that upon frequent hitting the bolts go loose and the door opens effortlessly. All these aspects have to be taken into consideration while buying dog crates. If you have a fully grown dog, you can buy XXL size crates that would keep your escape artist safe and secure inside the crate. This article suggests a few XXL size dog crates that have top ratings and more customer reviews.

Paws & Pals Dog Crate Double-Door Folding Metal – Wire Cage

The Paws & Pals dog crates are available in different sizes ranging from small to xxxl. The crate is constructed into tight mesh pattern sturdily using durable metal steel. The cage offers multiple door entries secured with slide bolt latches. It is finished with black electro coat that is highly resistant to rust, corrosion and fading of color even under extreme climatic conditions. The assembly is very simple and pops up in seconds. The crate is foldable for convenient storage and portability. The crate has been provided a slide out tray made of ABS plastic which is lightweight as well as easy to maintain. The corners are rounded without having sharp edges ensuring that your pet does not get hurt. The cage measures 48″ x 29″ x 32″ (LxWxH) and collapses to 4 inches tall which takes a negligible space for storage. The handle at the top is strong enough to lift the cage and carry anywhere you like.

PayLessHere 48″ XXXL Dog Crate

PayLessHere metal crates are designed using high grade materials and last long for years. The wire mesh pattern is made out of tough steel that has high tensile strength. The cage is facilitated with multiple doors having slide bold latches for easy entry and exit of your pet. The cage uses black electro coat finish that can withstand formation of rust, corrosion and fading during severe climatic changes. The cage has to be simply popped up to assemble without the help of any tools. The crate includes a weightless slide out tray made of durable ABS plastic which is easy to clean without removing it out or opening the crate door as it is held tight in place with a retaining bar. The crate features rounded edges with no sharp points that might harm your pet during entry and exit. The cage measures 48L x 30W x 32H inches.

iMounTEK Dog Cage

The cage is fitted with double doors for easy entry and exit and secured with two slide bolt latches. The cage uses a sturdy metal for construction which is powder coated to resist against formation of rust. The crate is collapsible and folds flat for easy mobility and storage. The assembly pops up in seconds and the sides easily snaps together; easy to disassemble as well. The top is fitted with a handle for easy carrying. A detachable black color plastic pan is provided at the bottom which is washable and this prevents the paws slipping through the bottom crate. The cage can be easily carried to anywhere by holding the handle provided at the top. The crate measures 48 inches in length.

Sliverylake Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate

The cage is built using heavy duty steel metal wire and the frame is crafted as metal square tubular structure. The bottom of the crate is fitted with four wheels for easy transport and storage where the two wheels are lockable. The floor grate is rust resistant and bears a lipped steel tray that is washable. The crate provides entry through double metal doors having dimensions of 24H x 18.5W inches. The tray measures 40.6L x 28.3W inches in size. The doors are fixed at the front and top for easy access to the pet. The overall dimension of the dog crate is 41.7L x 29.1W x 33.5H inches and the cage weighs 64.4lbs in net.

Confidence Pet 2 Door Dog Cage Crate With Bed

This crate will provide your dog his private space that is safe and serves as perfect place for training as well. The crate is sturdy, lightweight and very easy to maintain. The bottom of the crate is facilitated with a slide out black tray made of steel that is resistant to scratches. The tray includes a cozy bed for your pet to rest and relax with its toys. The bed is safe to use as it is widely used by many dog breeders and vets. The frame mesh is tightly patterned and is durable. The crate can be cleaned easily and quickly. The crate measures 48L x 29.3W x 32.3H inches and features two doors; one at the front and the other one at the side. Assembly is super easy as the edges have to be snapped and clipped.

PayLessHere 42″ XXL Dog Crate

The crate can be assembled in a few seconds without using any tools and also folds flat for easy storage. A door is provided at the front and on the side for easy entry and exit of the dog. The doors are secured with two bolt latches to keep the brat safe inside. The pan provided at the bottom is made of ABS plastic which is unbreakable and easy to clean. The cage is built gigantically using sturdy metal and lasts long. The cage is given black epoxy coating to resist against rusting process. The cage measures 42L x 27W x 29.5H inches. The corners are designed in such a way that there are no sharp points that would harm your pet when entering and exiting the crate.