If you are busy all the time and do not have time to supervise your pet dog, it is necessary that you put him or her in a crate to secure them. When proper training and treats are given, most of the dogs start loving their crates. Putting them in crates becomes important as they tend to escape and chew electrical wires laid inside or outside the house or swallow toxic substances kept inside the house. On the other hand, by putting your puppies in crates you can save other expensive household items like shoes, mattress, furniture, etc from getting chewed. If you own an aggressive dog, a crate made of plastic or wireframe does not work. You need a tough and unbreakable crate that can keep your dog secure all the times. Proselect empire dog cage can be your choice if you want to secure him and prevent him from escaping.

About Proselect empire dog cage

Proselect empire dog cage is probably one of the strongest dog cages available in the market. The cage is specifically designed to keep your aggressive dogs safe inside and features sturdy steel tubing, heavy dual door latches and high grade welding at joints. The frame measures ¾ inch fabricated out of 20 gauge steel and toughened by steel tubes measuring ½ inch in diameter to provide the strongest and most durable cage. The cage is specifically designed for ferocious dogs that can chew or claw to escape from the cage.

Proselect empire dog cage almost resembles Alcatraz that does not let him or her out. The cage is also long lasting, rust resistant and has a commercial grade hammertone finish. The cage is fixed with a floor grate that is easy to clean and a steel tray beneath. In spite of being heavy, the cage can be relocated anywhere inside the home using the caster wheels fixed at the bottom. The cage also protects your carpet from naughty dogs as the crate floor does not directly rest on the carpet. As the grill bottom is raised from the floor, the dog inside cannot scratch the carpet that is laid underneath the cage.

Crate sizes available

Proselect empire dog cages are available in two sizes. One is large which measures 42 inches in length and the other one is 37 inches.

Dimensions of Large size crate

Outside dimensions: 42¼”L x 30¾”W x 41¼”H

Inside dimensions: 40¾”L x 28⅛”W x 31¾”H

Dimensions of Medium size crate

Inside dimensions: 35.75L inches x 23.5W inches x 24.5H inches

Outside dimensions: 35.75L inches x 23.5W inches x 24.5H inches

In what way it is protective?

The crate is made using heavy duty steel and includes bars that are made out of 20 guage toughened steel. A lot of customers have given their positive reviews about the quality of construction and protection of their pet dogs. When the total count of customer reviews taken into consideration, the positive reviews take toll and they are mostly about the construction and quality of metal used. Most of the customers have opined that they have found what they have been actually searching for. The crate seems to be offering full satisfaction to most of the buyers.

Some owners opine that the crate serves as a perfect training area for their pets and gives a peace of mind. A soft bed can be laid at the bottom to keep the pet comfortable and secured inside. Some customers were able to give additional security by chaining and locking the door. There are a few negative reviews as well but they are very negligible. Most of the users feel it to be a great purchase.

How to assemble the crate?

The assembly of Proselect empire dog care is hassle free and involves a clear-cut procedure. You will have to join the side edges and screw them with 12 hex head screws. The package comes with the hex screw driver to complete the assembly all by yourself. Likewise, you will have to screw the caster wheel to the bottom 4 corners of the crate. Some customers do not prefer to install the wheels though the wheels can be locked. They feel that the crate is sturdy enough to stand still. Once done with the wheels, you will have to just install the crate’s bottom, grate, removable tray and that completes the assembly. If you want to have a spare tray to alternate the trays for cleaning, it can be bought separately.

As this is the heavy duty dog crate, with large crate weighing about 99 lbs and medium about 75 lbs, it is not easy to lift them and relocate. However, the crates come with wheels. If you do not prefer installing wheels, you can try pushing the crate flat on the floor.

Is the floor grate comfortable for pets?

Some customers opine that their pets do not find the floor grate to be comfortable. The grate is designed in such a way that it prevents your pet from dirtying itself. If you have not given a potty training to your pet, it is better that you keep the grill at the bottom uncovered. The mess is likely to fall through the grill into the floor beneath. This ensures that both the crate and the dog remain clean.

If you have potty trained your pet, you can cover the grill bottom with a foam mattress or bedding to keep your dog comfortable. The Slumber pet mega ruff ProSelect empire cage mat is specifically designed to place inside Proselect empire dog cage.


Proselect empire dog cage is the best choice if you want to cage ferocious and powerful dogs. The cage is enjoying positive reviews and high ratings wide across the nation for its built and quality. It is a purposeful cage made out of heavy duty steel metal and uses metal bars in the place of metal wire that the cheap cages use. Wire cages can be easily ripped off by forceful dogs and some of them may hurt themselves while trying to escape out of torn wire frame. It is worth the money you invest for buying one for your pet. When it comes to safety of your pet and when you are ready to invest for a better quality cage, Proselect empire dog cage can be your choice.