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Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence Review

Wireless dog fences create a circular boundary through radio waves having the base station at the center. Wireless dog fences are easy and quick to set up when compared to traditional grounded fences. However, it has its own limitations as it cannot pass through certain obstacles such as trees, walls, siding and metal roof. The precision also varies sometimes; when using even the best wireless fence system the boundary moves a few feet in every second. Among these various reviews about wireless dog fence system Petsafe is managing to provide best wireless dog fences.

Petsafe creates a wireless circular boundary when you plug the cord and set the desired radius. Now the fence is all ready to train your dog. The system installs within a few minutes and does not require you to dig holes in the ground to lay the fence. As there is no physical boundary wire, it attracts neither maintenance nor it breaks.  Petsafe claims that because of ease of use many of their customers are buying it for vacation homes or picnics. The wireless dog fence system requires a proper shelter and therefore you will have to find an appropriate place for it so that it remains closer to your property. Petsafe wireless dog fence can even transmit through walls.

There is one downside using this wireless dog fence. It creates only a circular boundary and the unit has to be placed in the center for proper transmission. As the urban livers reside in rectangular plots they prefer a rectangular boundary which is not possible with this system. However, it comes into best of use when you have a larger plot that can accommodate a big circular boundary. On the other hand, the radius of the circular boundary can be adjusted only to 90 feet maximum. Though this gives a decent space, people living in large lands want to have a wireless dog fence that gives a larger space for their pets.

Petsafe Wireless Transmitter

Petsafe wireless transmitter is slightly bigger than a 1 gallon paint can. The system helps you to create boundary anywhere as long as it is circular. You can alter the radius well within 90 feet which is its maximum reach. The transmitter units can be overlapped to make a big containment space which is not possible with a wire fence. The boundary line correction extends to an infinite space so that the dog does not exceed or cross the boundary line. However, the unit’s collar will halt and stop correcting the dog after thirty seconds if the dog does not come back to the safer place.

Petsafe wireless fence installs in seconds. You will have to just plug in the unit to an outlet on the wall and mount it 2 or 3 feet above the ground level. The following are the three controls found in the unit:

  • Boundary switch – Helps in boosting the wireless signal. You can set it low if you create a circular boundary within the radius of 45 feet and set it high if the boundary is over 90 ft of radius.
  • Boundary Control Dial – This control can be used to fine tune the boundary size
  • Power switch – This is to switch on or off the power supply

The unit has a power indicator to let you know if the system is powered or not.

Petsafe Wireless Collar

The size of the collar is large enough to match the size of two match boxes and is suitable for dogs weighing over 15 lbs. It is equipped with a quality cloth band and can be buckled around with a snapping buckle. The collar provides about five correction levels and a level that allows no-correction with a beep sound. The correction levels can be operated by removing the plastic cap found on the collar and pressing the button below it. The indicator light indicates the level of battery and also lets you know the set correction level. The collar includes both short and long collar probes which can be used on the types of dogs you own. These probes are fixed on the receiver. The collar is powered by a disposable PetSafe RFA-67 collar battery which lasts up to 3 months.

Petsafe comes with about 50 boundary flags to mark the boundary circle. You can locate the boundary line by taking the collar nearer to the edge of the boundary circle. When the collar beeps, you have to mark the boundary by planting the flags. The official website of Petsafe provides the necessary training videos and instruction manual for you to refer.

Petsafe wireless fence comes with a limited one year warranty. After the warranty period, the repairs are billed at a fixed rate. Most of the users find it reliable and do not much bother about the repairs. To conclude, if you are ready to live with considerable limitations, investing on Petsafe wireless fence is a good decision.