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Best Indoor Rabbit Cages

Rabbits make charming pets and you can also train them to an extent. They look lovely when hopping around and make your space lively. However, securing them is a big concern for most of the pet owners and they search for cozy cages that the rabbits love. If you are looking to buy an indoor rabbit cage there are a few aspects you have to consider before purchasing. Here are a few indoor rabbit cages that you can buy confidently for your pet rabbits which enjoy high customer ratings for offering convenient features.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

The cage has all the features to secure your rabbit. The cage features a wire frame at the top and a plastic bottom. The cage is well ventilated from all sides and serves as a comfortable place for your pet to move around. It has a raised balcony fitted with a food bowl that is immovable. Your pet can reach out to balcony using the ramp. The cage is available in a larger size and requires no tools to construct. The cage is perfect for small rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs.

Tespo Pet Playpen

As the name suggest, it provides a play area to your pet to freely move around and stay active. The cage is well protected from all sides to secure your pet. The cage is every easy to set up or dismantle and can be shifted to any place inside your house. It offers a customizable design where you can get creative by combining 2 or more sets to construct a big rabbit house. When you purchase more number of sets, you are eligible for a discount. The metal frame used to build the cage is durable, environment friendly and washable. It can also house puppies, guinea pigs and smaller pets. The kit includes metal wire frames, ABS connectors, a wooden hammer and a manual for assembly.

Kaytee My First Rabbit Home

This is a cage with single room having a plenty of space to secure your pet. The design is compact to place it over a counter top or your dressing table. The strong plastic base prevents the quilt from spreading out and the white wire frame at the top facilitates good ventilation. The latch points are well secured so that the animals outside and inside do not get access to them. The wire frame fits firmly into the base. The latches and wire frames cannot be bitten or chewed making the cage highly safer.

Pawhut 37″ 4 Level Indoor Hutch

The cage has a robust built constructed with metal and steel wire that are powder coated. The cage includes three shelves and ramps to reach those shelves. It also has a slide out tray which is easy to clean, a vessel to place food and a water bottle of 250 ml capacity. The cage is provided with big openings at the top and bottom for an easy access to inside area. The cage is fitted with four wheels at the bottom for easy transport within the house. The design does not allow paws getting caught in between the wire framework. Overall features a pet friendly design.

Yaheetech Indoor Ferret Rabbit Cage

The cage is constructed with iron overall. It comes with three large front opening doors to get near your pets conveniently. The inner design includes 5 shelves that are connected with ramps to easily climb over. The cage features a tray that can slide out and a bottle to store water up to 250 ml. The design also includes a plastic food box which is fitted to the base.

You & Me Living The Dream Small Animal Habitat

It is a great indoor rabbit cage which can be transported easily to anywhere inside your house. The durable wheels fitted at the bottom make it convenient. The top metal frame perfectly snaps to the plastic bottom. The metal wire frame at the top and the plastic base can be separated which enables easy cleaning. The cage includes a raised balcony with a ramp to reach it. You can access your pets using the front and top doors.

Petsfit Rabbit Hutch

The construction is the combination of metal and wooden frames. There are openings at the top of wooden compartment and the main metal cage. There is also one opening at the side and therefore you can access your pet through any of these openings. A transparent pull out tray is provided at the bottom for easy cleaning. The cage is painted with grey and white color paints which are waterproof. Assembly is easy as the design comes with a pre drilled holes.

Petsfit Wooden Rabbit Bunny Hutch

This is also a Petsfit range of product which is built using both wood and metal. The mesh is durable and finely secures your pets. It is hard as well to break open by the animal from inside or outside. The roof can be opened by releasing the latch for cleaning inside or taking out the pet. The tray at the bottom can be pulled out for removing the litter. It also has a raised balcony attached with a ramp for the pet to climb over. The cage comes with predrilled holes for easy assembly. The feeding tray is enclosed by slabs preventing spillage of fodder.

Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage

The cage uses a design that is patented for providing a large living room for your pets to move around playfully. The base area does not include any barricades providing a big room for the pets to freely move around. The bottom is completely knocked down and stays stable on the floor. One end of the cage is fitted with a wooden house for the pet to have some privacy and the other end has a raised platform with a food bowl firmly attached to it. The cage features a wide front opening door for cleaning and easy access to pet. The accessories include water bottle, food vessel, hay feeder and a wooden house for nesting.